About Us

When legal professionals use legaltrot, they will wonder where it has been their entire career. The platform was created with legal professionals and law students in mind because we understand how frustrating and unmanageable certain aspects of the industry can be. legaltrot is here as a reliable and compassionate resource that isn't afraid to poke a little fun at the flaws in our line of work. We will help legal professionals find the support they need, and we hope to make them smile along the way.

legaltrot was founded with a mission to give lawyers and law firms access to a cost-effective and flexible workforce. Our co-founder owned his own solo practice and legaltrot was born from his experiences and frustrations, the same ones you no doubt experience in your own firm. Lack of funds to adequately staff a practice. Not enough time in a day to answer discovery, draft motions, cover court calls, or complete legal research. By using a crowd-based outsourcing platform made up of lawyers, law students, paralegals, and other legal professionals, legaltrot provides daily opportunities for both job-seekers and law firms. The main purpose of legaltrot is to help your firm find the time to work on cases. To have time to talk to clients, to review the case facts, to prepare for depositions and to win each case.

At legaltrot, we recognize how it can be both stressful and time consuming to cover two or more court calls each day. No doubt you’ve had days where you have sat in court all morning waiting for a case to be called for status. Using legaltrot’s web platform allows firms to find court coverage with a quick response. legaltrot provides daily opportunities for lawyers, law students, paralegals, and other legal professionals to search for jobs on an as-needed basis while allowing firms to control costs at the same time.

legaltrot is the future of law! By harnessing the power of technology, legaltrot will help control both cost and workload, so lawyers can concentrate on what’s important. Saddle up and come be a part of our exciting company.