Frequently Asked Questions

A: legaltrot is a new and unique way for attorneys, law clerks, paralegals and other legal paraprofessionals to connect with each other for project-based jobs. It was created to help solo attorneys and small firms increase their productivity without having to expend precious financial resources on hiring employees. legaltrot provides both an app and web platform which allows users to find help or projects 24-7 from any location.

A: When you have those days of multiple court calls that you cannot cover, legaltrot is for you. When you have a potential new client whose case is in another county, legaltrot can help. If you’re a law student who can’t find a gig clerking for a local firm or you simply want to earn extra income, legaltrot is the perfect place to find work.

A: Free! There is never a cost to join legaltrot.

A: Sign up using our web application at Once you have created an account, simply click “Add Job”.

A: There is really no limit to what you can earn. Depending on your time, you may find a project daily.

A: Simply claim the project or court call assignment through one of our mobile applications. Once you have claimed it, you will see that the job has been accepted on the My Jobs page.

A: Yes. The legaltrot app has built in IM capabilities.

A: No. legaltrot brings together people from within the legal community who are seeking project based legal assignments. We are not here to recruit full or part time employees.

A: Once a copy of the court order has been sent and we receive confirmation that a project has been completed, you should receive payment within 24 hours.

A: Absouletly! legaltrot was created to help attorneys find law clerks on a project needed basis, and we want to help law clerks find jobs they can complete in their spare time.

A: No. We are not a law firm and we do not dispense legal advice.

A: Yes. legaltrot will provide you with a year-end account review as well as a Form 1099.

A: Not at all. We can never guarantee court coverage, but we’ve all been sitting in court waiting for our case to be called and looking at our phones. So, you may still find coverage via the legaltrot web app, but for peace of mind, we recommend you post court coverage needs at least 24-hours in advance.

A: Absolutely! Congratulations and good luck to you!

A: Court Coverage costs are $120.00 per court call and all other services such as legal research, document review, discovery, drafting, deposition reviews, or any other services completed by a law student/law clerk or paralegal, costs $60.00 per hour.

A: $90.00 per court call. For court coverage you are paid by assignment not by the hour. If you cover 3 cases during a 9:00am court call then you would be paid $270.00.

A: It depends on the allotted hours the attorney has posted for the assignment. You will be paid $45.00 per hour as a non-attorney providing legal assistance to a job poster. If the job posted, for example, allotted 10 hours for legal research, then you would be paid $450.00.

A: Nothing! We of course spent a lot of time, effort, and money creating legaltrot for the benefit of solo attorneys and small firms, as well as for the benefit of law students, paralegals, and all other legal paraprofessionals. So, we would hope you would stay within the moral lanes and continue to use legaltrot.

A: Yes! Once we get any kinks out of the platform (which we hope are none) we will be adding Medical Nurse Consultants, Medical Experts, Mediators, Process Servers, and pretty much anything a Solo or Small Firm would need to grow its practice.

A: For the short term we are testing court coverage assignments in illinois only. We will be offering court coverage on a national level within a very short time. In the meanwhile, All other services are available to post and respond to on a national level.

Disclaimer: legaltrot is not a law firm or a referral service. legaltrot is a software as a service (SaaS) platform that connects attorneys seeking court coverage with attorneys looking to cover court calls as well as law students, paralegals, and all other legal paraprofessionals for short term assignments. legaltrot makes no representations or endorsements of attorneys registered with the system accessible through the job board, nor does legaltrot interfere, direct, or otherwise supervise the interaction between attorneys seeking coverage and attorneys responding to them. Any attorney with an active bar license may register with legaltrot. All attorneys who use this site are responsible for conducting their own conflict checks regarding other attorneys who may respond to a job posting. NOTHING ON THIS SITE SHALL BE CONSTRUED AS LEGAL ADVICE FROM LEGALTROT. LEGALTROT IS NOT AUTHORIZED TO PROVIDE LEGAL ADVICE.